Welcome to the web home of the Independent Beer and Spirits Company, Porterville, South Africa. Proud makers of Indie Ale craft beer.

Indie Ale - our home

Indie Ale is the first brand of products brought to market by the Independent Beer and Spirits Company. We are a family-owned micro-brewery (and future spirit distillery) based in Porterville in the Western Cape.

Indie Ale currently makes three standard craft beers in this range. These are the 24-River Blonde Ale, the Cochoqua Red Ale and the Porter’ville Porter. We are also always trying new recipes, produced under our Limited Edition labels. If you like any of these, let us know. Maybe we can add them to our standard range!

We love what we do and hope you love it too.

Our tasting room now serves great wood-fired pizza on Fridays and Saturdays from 11a.m. to 8p.m. We also offer tasters of each of our beers, Wednesday to Saturday.  Find more info here